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The Trial Preview will put you at ease and reassure you of what you can expect on your Wedding Day. 
Without any surprises every detail is logged and carried out to perfection. Contact us to schedule yours today!
The Trial Preview consists of:
Hair - you will be asked to bring photos of the type of hairstyles you have in mind: If one picture does not capture this style, we request that you bring several pictures with the front, the side, as well as, the back of the styles you like.  Any specific or unique feature can and will be recreated taking into consideration your features, hair texture, hair ornaments/hair pieces, length and style of Wedding. 
Makeup - you will also be asked to bring photos of the type of looks you have in mind, or just the type of makeup you really like regardless of ethnicity, or skin tone.  We suggest that you bring at least 3 looks.  Keep in mind, our ultimate goal is to find a look that is as natural or as glamorous as you would like, and a look that will best enhance your natural beauty.  You can also bring you own makeup if you prefer.  We will also take into consideration makeup that is photogenic and is suited for day or evening weddings.

Other Considerations
- i.e. Color of your Flower Arrangements, Wedding Theme, Color of Bridesmaids Dresses, etc.

Bridal Beauty Specialists - we are experienced with every ethnicity, hair and skin tone and can create any look imaginable to achieve your desired results.  Our specialists can also provide you with the necessary cut, color and hair style that will best suit your individual beauty on your Special Day.
Call us now to make your appointment and give us a chance to see what we can do for you, and we promise,
you will be stunning!

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