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I was curious, when I could just go to the makeup counter the morning of my wedding, why should I use you?

Posted by Karen H. on 5/9/2008
We know that many Brides trust their local Makeup Artist and countergirls to take care of our wedding day hair and makeup. Sometimes a bride thinks they can visit the department store makeup counter hoping they’re cutting corners. What you don’t know about the makeup counter is that their main purpose is to Sell You Cosmetics. These are cosmetic sales people with commissions and sales goals they have to reach and they don’t need any previous experience for them to be hired. Their main purpose is to sell you makeup, not to make you look your best. Also, they have to be loyal to one brand, and in my experience no one brand is enough to provide all the products needed to cater to each and every individuals need and look. That’s why I’ve created Y Beauty Studio with the commitment and dedication to making every bride look absolutely stunning and to stay within their budget. I hope that this answer helps you, Karen. Please don't hesitate to Contact Us if you have any more questions!


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