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Dear Bride,


Congratulations, you’ve arrived at deciding on the most important feature of your entire wedding… YOU!


Here live more than a dozen Jurchen tribes. online sale In the name of the river as a tribal name, claiming winds Department, and later rewritten into WANYAN department. After a thousand years in time, the Ministry of Development to over fifty Wanyan tribe, located between the mountains and the wilderness Mang Lin. WANYAN Ministry had no real leaders. Speaking outlet sale produce leaders, as well as a legend. According to legend, a man named Tang dynasty letter P who originally Koguryo people. Later, Goguryeo was destroyed Tang Dynasty. Letter P from today's Liaoning, Jilin and fled the area to the north, a tribe living to the family Wanyan Lane. At that time, there are hundreds of different names local Jurchen tribes. Gongsha mutual inter-clan often very cruel. Letter P from relatively civilized place, after all, this kind of situation with fratricidal very sad, Jurchen trying to change bad habits.So these tribal population increased rapidly, people live and work. Wanyan outlet sale tribal people are very grateful, the family will have a six -year -old woman married to a letter Pu. The old woman is actually a whole family WANYAN mistress. Letter P married woman. It replaced the Matriarch position as chief of the tribe Wanyan Department. Letter P, and this woman actually gave birth to two sons also. Zhezhi Wanyan tribe on the continuation of reproduction, to the fourth generation, Wan Yan Sui can spread to the hands of the family has become one of the hundreds of people. Wan Yan Sui but then had a dream, dreamed that he threatened students wings, flying over the White Mountains as the Blackwater like Costin, finally flew to place a paradise : where one side is hunting forests, grazing the side of the can prairie land, the middle is a possible fishing rivers. After waking up, Wan Yan Sui led the tribe may decide to migrate here.

He really found a place with similar dreams - a tiger ( now Ash River area ). Zhezhi WANYAN Ministry in the tiger settle down. Lu Junyi toArmy will learn the origins of Wanyan speaking tribes, we all think is a very dirty WANYAN Department disgusting and evil tribe. Lu Junyi we did not go to correct the impression of Wanyan tribe, but can enhance the sense of nausea outlet sale these barbarians. Han also pointed out that the more disgusted this makes more ferocious powerful nation disgusted, outlet sale must not be taken lightly, underestimate opponents, be sure to properly prepare readiness and training, soundly defeated in the next few years to outlet sale. Son Shi Lu Sui may reign, set out to change students Jurchen no book contract, unconstrained, can not check the status of the system, the annexation of the Green Ridge ( now Kyrgyzstanand Nanloushan area ), Hakusan, Su Bin ( large Suifenhe ), yeah lazy ( nowBlack River ), etc. Jurchen tribes, formed in the core of Wanyan Ministry of Health Jurchen Wanyan tribe alliance.

Shi Lu 's son took over after the Ukrainian ancient are to continue to expand Wanyan tribal alliance, the White Mountains, yeah regret (also Empress ), the system doors ( and plotting them ), yeah lazy bones on earth and tribes included the five countries the alliance. Meanwhile, the search for helping Liao flee rebel attacks and active ministry, are being Liao Wu ancient Jurchen tribes living Jiedushi either. With the support of the Ukrainian side is the old uniforms disobedience by Liao, a neighborhood -oriented department to buy iron and armor, bows and arrows repair, maintenance equipment, to enhance the strength of the tribe. Strengthen the forces of the family was a challenge to make WANYAN hostile forces. Ham Yong Liao years ( 1074 ), Ukraine is the ancient dead, in the second sub impeach Following is Jiedushi bowl. outlet sale Postscript black uncle, who have revolted attacks impeach brothers in the bowl. After several hard work, impeach in a bowl beat the enemy, to consolidate the tribal alliance. Impeach in the bowl after the assassination of his brother quite Shu, Ying song after another successor Jiedushi, Wanyan Ministry forces in the development of the northeast to the Tao heated ( within this Tangwanghe Heilongjiang Province ), Acts cage ancient water ( now Heilongjiang Luobei Bintulu River ) area.

How would you like flawless looking skin and not to worry about bad hair on your wedding day?


How would you like to be pampered from the time you wake-up, to the moment of your last photograph?


And last but not least, how would you like to reveal to your friends, family and most importantly your husband-to-be how beautiful you really are?


If you are among the brides that realize the importance of your appearance on one of the most important days of your life, let us introduce to you Y Beauty YOUR Personal Consulting Team of Bridal Beauty Experts!


We have over 10 years of extensive knowledge, research, tools, sweat and tears into understanding your EXACT needs.


We're masters at performing the most complicated up-dos to the simplest down-dos and make-up styles that would simply take your breath away.


We will never compromise PERFECTION, you will always be given personal attention and guaranteed the best options to achieve your desired results however changing they may be.


So you can finally have the peace of mind and experience the quality of our work. See how amazing you can look on your wedding day!


We offer convenient On-Location and In-Studio services in the Los Angeles, Ventura, and Orange County areas.


Call us at (818) 610-1123 or Contact us to schedule your FREE Bridal Beauty Consultation.


I know you'll be absolutely THRILLED with our one-on-one consultation, personalized attention, and the incredible, beautiful you from Y Beauty Studio.


I look forward to helping you create your ultimate look.


To your beauty,


Y Beauty Studio

P.S. This is the most important day of your life and is not the time to compromise on the quality of your appearance. 


I hope that you make the right choice on such an important occasion.

Call us at (818) 610-1123 or Contact us to schedule your FREE Bridal Beauty Consultation.

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