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The Secret to Lustful Lashes

If your eyes are the window to your soul, then your lashes are the window dressing.  Puny, sparse lashes are akin to a burlap sack over a broken window pane.  It just doesn't have the "Wow" factor.  While many guys seem to have been blessed with the thick, lush lashes that we girls should have been born with, all is not lost.  There are ways to get lashes that are absolutely lustful.

There are four common remedies to "embryo eyes," that is, the condition of being "eye lash challenged."  However, these solutions to your lash problems will have you the object of everyone's eye lash envy.  Your peepers will pop and everyone will notice as you stride into the room with confidence, a true vision of beauty as everyone whispers, "Look at her eyes!"  OK, that may be pouring it on a bit thick, but the truth is, you can have fuller, longer lashes.  So, don't lash out, take action!

Eyelash Conditioners
Just as conditioner makes your hair softer and fuller, eyelash conditioners will do the same for your lashes.  They can improve the appearance of the natural length of your lashes.  There are many companies that manufacture lash conditioners, but here is the skinny:

Prep Time - While it only takes a few moments to apply, you won't see the full benefits until you have used it consistently for a period of time.  Some brands say a few days while others a few weeks.
Application - You typically apply eyelash conditioners the same way that you apply mascara.  Some brands, however, have a small brush that looks like a makeup brush and you apply it like you would eyeliner.  Whatever the case, you brush it on and let it do its work.
Pros - Many brands are fairly inexpensive, in the $10 to $30 price range.  It is also easy to apply and has a high rate of success.  
Cons - Some brands can be very pricey.  One brand is $140!  You can't wear it with contact lenses and children, nursing women or pregnant women should not use it.  What's more, If you use some brands "excessively" it can lead to permanent darkening of the skin around the eyes.
Perfect For - Brides who like natural beauty and want a relatively quick fix.  There is a brand to fit just about any budget so price is not an issue.  Women who have experienced hair loss due to certain conditions may find the product useful.  You can have the luscious lashes you have always wanted in just a short time - unless you want it faster.  In that case, read on.

Lash Extending Mascara
Lash extending mascara is a girl's best friend.  There are about a gazillion different formulations on the market, so you have plenty to choose from on your quest for lustful lashes.  

Prep Time - A matter of minutes- or seconds if you are an old pro.
Application - The brush is attached to the cap and sits inside the mascara tube.  To apply the mascara, remove the cap and brush the mascara on your lashes.  Generally, you want to line your eyes very close to the lash line first, then follow with a coat of mascara, applying it starting at the inner corner of the eye and working outward.
Pros - It is fast, easy and cheap.  What more can we say?
Cons - It can smear and you can be left with raccoon eyes.  Or, you can put too much on your upper and lower lashes and wind up with "spider eyes."  Cute.  Plus, you have to make that face when you apply it.  Come on, you know the one.  Your mouth gapes a little forming an O while you apply the mascara to your lashes
Perfect For - It is great for pretty much anyone.  It is easy to apply and usually easy to remove.  The only drawback is if you have "teary" eyes.  Then your mascara could run and that would not be attractive.  Although Q-tips and a mirror will fix it right up!

Eyelash Extensions
Eyelash extensions are all the rage in Hollywood.   Actresses are flocking to the salons to get them while housewives indulge in them as decadent treats.  While hair extensions were once the "in thing" (and by no means do we see that trend dying anytime soon!), eyelash extensions are the next big thing and, like hair extensions, make your lashes look longer and fuller - you just have to stand a little closer.

Prep Time - Generally, it takes anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 and ½ hours to apply a set of eyelash extensions.  This is if the person doing it is experienced.  A newbie may take as long as 3 hours to apply your extensions.
Application - A synthetic eyelash is applied directly to your own natural eyelash with a bond that holds it in place.  Each lash is extended and the application process is said to be very relaxing.
Pros - It is a quick fix for puny lashes, easy and does not require a great deal of upkeep.
Cons - You will need touchups every 2 to 3 weeks.  They should be applied by a qualified technician or you could sustain damage to your natural lashes.  Also, you can't use oil based makeup or face products cause they will cause your extensions to fall off.  How embarrassing!
Perfect For - The bride who wants to have beautiful, natural lashes but doesn't want to do a whole lot of work for them. 

Fake/Faux Eyelashes
Ah!  Fake eyelashes!  They are easy, quick and can look really natural.  The fake eyelashes of today are far better than their ancestors.  Faux eyelashes actually look natural most of the time.  They are a quick, easy way to get thick, lush lashes that will last all night and won't smear.

Prep Time - Well, if you are good, you can apply your lashes in a couple of minutes.  If you are just starting out it may take you a bit longer.
Application - Some false eyelashes come in one strip while other are individual.  You choose the one that is right for you.  To apply, put some glue on the strip and place it on your eyelid as close to the lash as possible.  It is just that easy.
Pros - They are easy, inexpensive, don't smear or run and look natural.  Plus, they are reusable!
Cons - They can fall off if not properly applied.  Some people are allergic or sensitive to the bond that is used to adhere the lash to your skin and this can cause itchiness, redness, irritation and even swelling.
Perfect For - Brides who want to really glam it up.  Faux eyelashes are really best for events, not necessarily daily wear.  But if you feel so inclined to wear them every day, go for it!

Listless lashes can be a thing of the past with any of these remedies.  Check out all of your options and check into some of these.  Before long you will be sporting lustful lashes that will have them all green with envy.

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